This must be some mistake?Taxed from non US buyer!

Recently a buyer from Brasil purchased my item…I had 195$ on my account before purchase…Now i have 200$ and item costs is 19$ and i get half from it when i get no tax…
Is this misstake or what?Im taxed 5$ from non US buyer!
@KingDog @natman @scottwills

Heya :slight_smile: You’ll need to contact the Help Team for any account a purchase questions. We are not able to help with account questions on the forums. Thanks!

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Thank you, i will send a support ticket. :slightly_smiling:

another great addition? lol all they do as of late is maing sales drop or is cutting the hardly earnt money, so maybe that 's some awesome new addition … lol

No, not at all, there was a misstake :slight_smile: Problem resolved.

happy for u my friend :wink:

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