This Motion Graphics template is not compatible with this version of Premiere Pro

I bought an envato elements plan to use an Intro template for Premiere pro. I downloaded 2 different templates:

Fashion Intro.mogrt

Stomping Intro.mogrt

None of them are working in Premiere Pro, I have tried with Premiere 13, then I updated to the version 14


Im getting the following error:


“This Motion Graphics template is not compatible with this version of Premiere Pro. You must update to the latest version of Premiere Pro in order to use this template”

Im trying to import the file through the Essential Graphics panel, Local template folder, Install Motion Graphics Template… also tried with the Premiere Pro Menu, Graphics- Install Motion Graphics Template… same results.

Is there a way to fix it? or should I ask for a refund? thanks

My system:

Intel i9 9900k
2TB SSD NVME Samsung Evo Plus
Windows 10 x64 Built 20H2

Why not just update your Premiere Pro?

I already did it, and Im in a country which internet is painfully slow, only comparable with dial-up 56Kbps… So that means envato products cant work offline? May I know with which versions exactly of Premiere Pro are compatible this plugins? ty

The screenshot you showed appeared before you updated the program. What message appears now when trying to open a project?

Is the same error no matter the version of Premiere that I use, I read that sometimes this error is related to the lack of AE, so I installed it, but same results, I cant install any Motion Graphics Template. Everything is up-to-date, even Windows


PD. I have the new version of Windows 21H1 ready to be installed, but I dont wanna make it til I find a solution, I have a deadline to delivery a project

Looks like you try to open MOGRT. Yes you need to have instaled AE, if you want to open MOGRT file in Premiere Pro. Most likely AE should be updated too

Well… I updated both, and its not working either, what I am doing wrong? I followed the tutorial video that is inside the content, Essential graphics… Install motion graphics… same anoying message.
Im not double clicking on none of the files, they don’t open either

Why did you update the programs only to version 14? It is obvious that the version of the project is higher than 14th


Also updated AE, same result, now… is still obvious?

Version 17 is far from the latest version. I recommend updating your programs to the latest version

I do recommend not to buy any envato products ever. Thank you.

So you accuse Envato that you have an outdated version of the program? I do not understand what the difficulty is in updating your programs to the latest version. Authors are not obliged to make their projects in outdated versions of programs

There is no support at all, sad but true, ty for replying with that useful fixs

The latest version of After Effects is 18.2 and the latest version of Premiere is 15.2

If you’re getting an error message saying that “you must update to the latest version of Premiere Pro in order to use this template”, then it stands to reason that you need to update to the latest version of Premiere Pro in order to use that template.

You’ve not done that. And until you do, you’re probably going to keep getting that error message.

Thanks SpaceStockFootage, I´ll look for that version, so in order to use any of the envato Motion Graphics templates, all the CC software MUST be running the lastest version? there is no offline support if I cant get online to get the updates? ty for the good info