This job has been rejected

I’m new
This job has been rejected. Please thank you for your comments

I do not speak English correctly
This job has been rejected
I joined the member
I do not know why

Hello Afaridar… It is difficult to say exactly why, but most often it is due to a project lacking variety or richness in detail or not offering anything new to the marketplace. As per your project I would say you have over used the Spring expression… and in this case doesn’t seem appropriate. Keep in mind that spring… especially to the extent/frequency that you are using it has a comical effect and best used in cartoons. So to start I would tone it down or lessen the effect… (just have a slight over reach) Next I would add some moving line details to your background. I would not use the Spring Expression for the text… try to invent another text reveal. Don’t give up… often it is just redoing a project a couple times.

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thank you for notify me.