"This item may not be property released"

Hi all,

In my latest item, has appeared a box with a text “This item may not be property released”. I read in the link that is something about the “Rights”.

The item doesn’t include anything that isn’t on my ownership.

What is this and how can I remove it?

Bes regards.

I believe that is a license option you can find in your account. It means that anyone that purchases this item cannot use it for that purpose. Check your license options in your account settings. Cheers!

It means that the reviewer believes the item may incorporate something with copyright that belongs to somebody else. Some are pretty clear cut, like a 3D model of an iPhone or a popular car brand, some may be less clear cut, which is maybe what has happened in your case. And the reviewers aren’t always perfect, as hard as they may try, so if you feel a mistake has been made, then get in touch with support and hopefully they can get the notice removed.

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Thanks for the answer. I ll check it. Regards.

Thanks for the answer SpaceStockFootage, Maybe the author thought that the monitor screen in the preview video is included into the item, but this one was only for the preview. I ll send to the support. Thank you. Best regards.