This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard.

Hello. My track on AudioJungle has been rejected because “ This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle”.
Can someone help me to understand, what I did wrong?
Thank you so much!

Hi, welcome to the forum! Track sounds great to me, but then I’ve not quite hit 50% acceptance rate myself :slight_smile: Someone with more experience, particularly in this kind of genre, will probably be able to give better advice, but I wonder if it might be usable for a wider range of applications if it didn’t have the synth melody? You might not have done anything wrong at all though, they might just have enough music in that style. Keep submitting and I’m sure some tracks will be accepted.

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The mix on the track needs thinning out in the bottom end
String line starts well but too repetitive, needs variation
No top end to make the mix sparkle

IMHO - What do I know, not a reviewer.

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@Taras_Kozak . The lead is way too consistent in the mix and it lowers its commercial value for RF market. Also there are some technical issues both in the production and mixing. Try to rebalance the mix and reupload the track with an additional underscore version . (without the main lead).
But, as @gballx already said.I am not a reviewer and my opinion is pure subjective. Good luck.

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Hi @Taras_Kozak The track has potential. Next to what the others say: make the pauze earlier, a bit longer, with 1/2 instruments and less velocity. Not at 1:25, but at 1.00. Then build up again to the climax. The synth lead is a bit too much and distracting.

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Hi, this synth lead melody is nothing but distressing.

Thank you!!!

Thank you all.
I will try to write something new, taking into account your wishes.