This is what I have been doing in last 2 years!

I didn’t submit any new items to Envato in last 2 years, because I had been busy developing this website:

It is a social network for football fans, we made it from scratch using pure PHP & JS without using any framework or CMS. And because our team was small and we had no previous experience (plus working on it in spare time) it took a long time from us, and we even remade the design at some point!

I want your honest feedback on the design and UI/UX. What can be improved? What do you like or not like?

you can access without login by clicking arrow icon next to social login buttons, or go here:

To see how posts look like without login check this page of my friend:



Surely, it was the best decision.
After all the wrong moves from Envato ; you simply did the best thing to invest in your very own business. So, your 2 years were surely not a waste of time :wink:

I hope your efforts will pay you in the long run, and it seems so.
Wish you the very best,

I am not that much of a football fan but I really liked your work. I wish you good luck for its success :slight_smile:

Thanks guys for the cheerful comments :slight_smile:

@Bedros What wrong moves were made by Envato? I didn’t follow up with what happening here, I just check graphicriver form time to time to check my old items that are still selling.

Author Driven Pricing, ENVATO ELEMENTS (selling thousands of items for just $29 ; yes , all of them), Unbelievably wrong moves on home pages, Continuously advertising Elements, less advertising for marketplaces…

Consider convert your graphics to SVG :wink:

Agree, not all browsers support font icons (Opera mini for example)