This is what I call a serial killer!

Did you notice that the best seller of last week is a… Logo Pack?

101 sales. I suppose someone used it in 100 end products, because pack was created in 2016 and since than it has… 151 sales.

@AudioMechanica I think this is a new AJ record of a mass selling. Congrats!

BTW probably this case would be impossible in Elements.


cool :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah I saw that it’s very surprising. Do you really think someone bought it 100 times for 100 end products ? And yeah the pack was created in 2016 so it’s very surprising again !!

Yeah. I think so. My personal record is 16 and I’ve heard about 30 sales made by one client at the same time.

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I know of an author whose biggest repeat buyer purchased 20-30 of the same track several times for a total of around 200 over 3-4 months.

I once sold 20 to one buyer, 10 to another.

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It’s just unreal luck!

This is so sweet, thanks for pointing it out. Never happened to me, but now… now I have a dream ! :rofl::man_shrugging::cowboy_hat_face:

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Another achievement that is possible to make on AJ is added to my list! :tada: