This is Unbelievable!!!

Hello friends! Today I discovered that I have reached more than 2100 sales, this is unbelievable for me, since somewhere in September I had 1700 sales. It is very pleasing, it also motivates to new heights.

I also noticed that 6 of my items simultaneously hit the popular files of the week (for music kit)

Immensely grateful to everyone who supported, I also want to say thanks to the Envato team!

I wish everyone to reach even much greater heights than me))

All the best!!



But to be honest I would not share this screen with the community, it’s almost inpolite. You sell kits with extremely low price. For example 9$ - 8$ buyer fee = 1$ of income. Minus author fee and taxes gives you less than one dollar for those three sales.

Don’t take me wrong, you can set prices whatever you like but extremely unprofitable price dumping is not an achievement for community. Even more, many authors can feel angry and frustrated. Especially that you show Kits category which is often perceived by authors as a category with more expensive deluxe content and you can see that many authors have risen their prices without loosing clients.

All the best,


Goes to show why sales don’t mean a thing.

You can help kill this business and still pretend you are successful.


Your right - absolutely unbelievable.




@SmartSounds, your name is a little bit of an irony.


Honestly dude, you have very little to cellebrate. You’re actively and directly contributing to one of the main reasons (I don’t say the only one, of course) this market is going down the drain. Getting a few cents for a piece of music can hardly be considered a sale. It’s more like free samples you’re giving away.

You have really good tracks in your portfolio and I strongly believe you should value your work accordingly, aswell as the work of all of us authors.


I completely agree with you, believe me, I am not happy with dumping. And if you look now at this category (popular items), then the prices have been raised. There are items that I sell even more expensive than $ 50, but there are those that I think can be sold cheaper.

I would very much like to raise prices for all goods, but competition proves the opposite.

I would also like to note that not all my items that hit the popular files have low prices, half of them are average or even higher than the average price, you can check it yourself.

But still thanks for the opinion. I have the same opinion as you. All the best!

How can you sell a kit (?!?) for $10, $12, $16 and honestly say that you are against price dumping?

The proof is in the pricing.

Does it really matter that you sell other items for more?

Like they say, you can’t be a little bit pregnant.