This is shocking

I am feeling hopeless with the number of visitors of my new item. One of my item was approved on last 31st August. It was a multipurpose html template package and it got a good visitor just at the first day and after that, I saw that the number of visitors become less to less and now it is 3 to 4 per day and sometimes it is 0. Now my question is when any person creating a new item he spend more than 4 months in most cases after that he agrees to give near about 50% of the amount to enveto as commision and what we get after this that 4 to 5 or 0 visitor within 1 week after submit a new item?


Here is a quote on this topic:

Wih respect I think you are very lucky to have been approved with this item, esp when it shares identical features to freebie templates.

That aside, the % that goes to envato is for the exposure to a volume of potential buys that no private website could ever come close to.

I’m not sure that many HTML templates take a big % of authors 4 months but it’s not unfair to expect authors to continue to drive traffic and market their items.

  • If an item is a decent quality, gets sales and has standout features and quality then the traffic will continue organically.

  • There is no way for envato to help even if they wanted to. How could they possibly be fair with so many files available and the list continuously updated every day.

I get it’s frustrating but the best thing you can do is keep creating items and aim to be as uniqiue and high quality as possible.

Sorry for my rough words but I was feeling really helpless. Yes I should continue to create more and more good quality item