This is ridiculous... rejection it

I’m going to edit my original post and say,

What has worked for you in getting songs approved?
Any tips for EDM/electronic?
Do you feel the title of your track and description can play a factor in getting approved ? (Not bought)

I have had commercial success outside of AJ, so I feel frustrated when those same songs get rejected for quality standards here.

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Some of my videos have racked up tens of millions of views… but I still get rejections. If you want to be revered as the superstar musician that you are, then maybe you’re right to be leaving. This isnt really the place for that.

If, on the other hand… you want to climb down from your pedestal, put in some hard work, learn what sells and what doesn’t sell (and what gets approved and what doesn’t), and earn some decent additional money here… then you’re welcome to do that as well.


What I’m saying is I have been getting rejected because “my songs don’t meet quality standards”

What are these quality standards? I’ve heard absolute garbage searching Audio Jungle. And those songs have been bought…alot.

I’ve read audio jungles article on getting your work approved. It’s basic stuff. I’d like specific answers as to why my music isn’t being approved.

Could you share your rejected tracks?

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Well, I’ve listened your track on your profile.
Honestly - nothing special and professional. It’s simple and good.
I’m not saying that you have a bad music. I’m just saying that there’s nothing special.
Before i created a profile on Envato, I’ve read some cool stuff on the internet.
And one MAIN rule for me was “Do not put yourself above others”
I’m just going simple with this one.

If my music not selling at all - well, for me it means that i have not perfect music, mixing or mood in my tracks.
If my music was rejected - well, it means that my music doesn’t match some requirements that Envato created.
I wish you good luck and i really want to hear your music, because before Envato i was EDM producer about 8 years. :slight_smile:


My songs were performed by Linkin Park :joy:

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I have played on the same stage as some big punk and metal bands, but my first metal logos were rejected… But hey, I listened to them with fresh ears recently: they sound like unimaginable crap! Having a humble attitude about our works is probably one of the best reflex to acquire to make some cash here.

Or, in other words: I don’t play cute ukulele stuff at punk shows just like I don’t submit drunk punk extravaganzas here anymore. Stage experience is one thing, but working for royalty free markets, another. I would advise to stay around a bit longer and simply learn the ins and outs of this place. :slight_smile:

Edit: I see that you edited your original post by removing the self-congratulatory bits. Nice move! :slight_smile:

If you choose to stay around, just remember that most of the music sold here ends up as background to videos. The trick is to compose stuff that is simple enough to be used in a wide range of projects, without getting too boring. I think it’s an art (a minor one, of course!) in itself. Most of the big sellers here have tracks with this kind of balance. Good luck! :sunglasses:

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Never forget… Lollapalooza!! :rofl:

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This is the hardest part, be simple but not so simple :rofl:


Titles don’t matter too much for being accepted or not (if they fit the right category and are not too experimental), but they play a big part in relation to how the search engine works. The search engine results looks like a keyword’s dictionary, but to be found and make some sales, authors have not much choice but to name their tracks in this fashion.

You are right, but many many many times it happened to me on VH to get approved something that was hard rejected by the other reviewer (that’s because I reuploaded despite the hard rejection). There are 2 reviewers on VH . One approves me almost everything I upload and the other one rejects almost everything I upload. So now I really have a big dillema. How could you “put in some hard work, learn (what gets approved and what doesn’t)” in these conditions?

I listened to some of your Soundcloud tracks. High quality audio, rest assured. So, being accepted here is probably more a matter of submitting different tracks until you find what sticks.

An idea could be to compose tracks specifically for sections of this market instead of submitting your already existing ones. It might be less frustrating that way?