This is not ethical at all

This is not ethical at all

Customers who enter the MEU site, are aware that there is a contradicting notification regarding the expiration of the MEU item they purchased and are PAID! Will themeforest be able to explain to me what a ridiculous thing that is? I did not pay for a topic to pass through this public constraint! Please remove this notice now!!!

What is the issue exactly?

What do you mean ‘expiration of MEU’?

Either way you need to ask support regardless. Envato Market Help and Support

If you mean the validation notification at the bottom, then that’s just ensuring items are used within licensing and only for 1 end product. Validating the theme is a 10 second job and just requires you to add the purchase code in the theme options.

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I believe, MEU means belonging to me

Just enter the purchase code as @charlie4282 suggested.