This is my 3rd Submission Rejected ! after that much hours of Work it got Hard reject why ?

Why it is every time getting rejected. At least they should tell why?.

@n2n44 please guide me from here!

hi sorry for the delay i had some technical problems indeed …

well you have a few problems to deal with

1- global style
this is lacking originality and being a bit flat , u need to push the envelope graphic design wise … at this stage u almost have no element to be identified as “graphic elements” which is bringing another problem to the table … see 2

2- commercial potential
this is linked to number 1 , this is rather easy to reproduce as an item and who would choose to buy rather than redoing by themselves if so … they would not gain so very much time anyway … and as such , look what is the reason for a reviewer o accept this item , if the commercial potential is very low?

3- (mis)balance and spacing
u have a disharmony between top part of the lower section, this is due to the lack of space between the top margin and the first elements … if u really have to make a slight disbalance this is better to do the other way around … the header definitely requires more “breathing”

4- execution
the ellipse in which u have the man’s picture looks distorted and this is having a very negative impact on the feeling that people have about what u have created (looking like not properly executed and not yet pro enough)

5- theme and graphic part
well the connection between style and supposed “target” is far from obvious, there is nothing to remind people of web design in what u have here … it looks too generically in a way , at the moment

6- typo
this is clean but also rather flat , lacking a few touches of originality and hat u introduce a bit more variations, font combinations and so on, this is having consequences, see point 7

7-hierarchy of information
this is not really bad about it , though , if u ask me , u fail to have some more outstanding information popping out and bringing some relief in the process