This is just incredible! I got a Trend (trendsetter badge)

Friends! I am shocked and can not express my joy to you, as it overwhelms me! :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:
Yesterday I made a post about how I was not happy with the fact that I still have not received the trend. I wrote this post just to get the opinion of others and maybe to communicate. ( How to get the Trend icon?)

But, what was my surprise when I saw a message in my account today (TREND) do you think a coincidence?

Regardless, Iā€™m immensely grateful for your feedback and support. Also thanks to the team Envato that gave me such a chance!



Very cool! congratulations! This was a great envato gesture towards you

Congratulations!!! Really cool :slight_smile: Is it possible to get a chance as well? :innocent: