This is it, i'll quit from here (Rejection mania)

This item rejected!

I would like to hear from friends on the forum is it that bad !!
Do you see it different from projects on graphicriver!

I saw this idea before. This is not original.


Oh dear!
How that happened! :thinking:
This is my first time to see similar thing like that!

So, that is why rejection is a must for this project :pensive:

Maybe I’m a little mad because of that bad feeling of rejection, so sorry and thanks for your explanation.

are u kidding me? this is very common there is energy drink that is called "shark that did the same as u but far better again … , in addition, sorry to say just this but , let’s face it the logo u made is not very attractive visually , the shape is not perfect at all and rather flat indeed, plus the typo is everything but consistent and punchy … not to mention that the tagline is missing which basically means that , this alone, would be a guaranty for u to be hard rejected , since this is required and demanded indeed …


I’ll tell u something.
it was from a drawing sketch and it was drawn by hand!, but i used the Golden Ratio to make intersections and curves.

I want to get more clear advise about the typo. i think it should be like that to be easy to edit by customer!
i can apply effects to typo but that will make it Shape!

@n2n44 @DesignSomething
Actually started to like rejection with someone who cares like this friendly community.
But not much as it sounds :sweat_smile: will try to make sure first that my idea is original, not flat with better typo to get my first approval.

keep on trying and doing your best buddy this is what really matters … good luck buddy

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no doubt though the concept is not new as i mentioned , some brands are already using this …plus think about it this way … how to u think people can edit what u have done? so basically people have somehow some way to have “fish” in their name … and even if , by miracle , they do and come to buy here , then they would have to add something … as i guess will not only be “fish”, and how to do then?! design is a thing that has t be thought of and in particular for marketplace things as this is requiring adaptability …

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Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face: see what i told u about …

Yea, I’ve seen lots of logos like this. Pretty sure we even did stuff like this in elementary school as an arts and crafts sort of thing.

I think a big issue with it is also that the word “Fish” can’t be easily changed, and it’s a requirement that all words in logos must be editable.

@n2n44 Taglines aren’t required, says in the requirements that “taglines are optional”.


no doubt that what u are saying is true but are people in review teams aware of this? lol besides look at what most of the good sellers, the likes of @opaq, or @djjeep, they are all having logos with tagline and as for me , maybe i did not pay attention enough, but i have never seen any making it without it …