This is how I work? A little story abot me


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In new forums, I have update it for my new authors friends and buyers to know more about me

Hi, I have nothing said anything about my personal life. But today I am going to share something about my personal life.

I am 95 % physically challenged. I don1 walk anymore, whole day I am sitting on my wheelchair in front of my PC. Even my two hands very poor they don`t move smoothly. I can just take the mouse with my right hand and control my mini keyboard by my two fingers with the left hand. That’s why I use a virtual on-screen keyboard as my primary keyboard (with a mouse).

So I was thinking of my Carrier and was looking for a comfortable job (it’s still now but light when I got my first item approved after one year tries, that was very difficult stage for me )that will fit for me. Anyway, now I am working for full-time on Envato and I am going to take this as my Carrier as an author of Envato. Hope I will give you more awesome work in future. Is there anyone who have to work for full-time on Envato? I mean Envato is the only source of income?

Many many thanks to you Envato, you give me the light of my life you inspired me to live alone in my life. Again thanks a lot to you Envato. I am speechless to describe you.

Note: I don`t know is this thread suitable for here, but relay I am emotional that’s why I am sharing this here to all of you and looking for friends like me. So if this tr thread will break Envato rules then I am really sorry from my heart please remove this from here and consider to me.

Another Note: very sorry for poor English, I am learning English still now.


Please do something for me Envato.

It’s very cool that you are using the gifts and capabilities you have been given to overcome your challenges. I’m new to Envato but have already found it to be a supportive, cultural bunch. Take care of yourself and continue to express your creativity to a receptive audience here… in both the authors and the clients!


This makes it personal and I like that!

I am also new here