This is a good example to why the new algorithm still needs improvment


Nothing personal “Leto”, your music is awesome :slight_smile:


Ahh, dreaming about my logo in this picture…


Try the word “ambient”. Youll see a sea of trending items appearing everyday in the first positions


I had to search for some items that I wanted to buy, for my project. I will tell you one thing as a buyer, not an author. The goddamn search just sucks, I can not find the items that I need. Name can only tell so much about the items, why can I not look for an item by tags and description, (mostly tags)…


This seems to me the key issue - if the search works for the buyer in the end we all benefit! I’ve tried playing with the search engine searching for particular styles of music from the point of view of someone who just wants to buy something (rather than as an author seeing if my tracks show up) and it really is very frustrating! There’s a huge range of quality items waiting to be found, but unless you are just after the usual generic categories you will struggle to find them in the midst of the huge ocean of stuff that’s accrued over the years.


You can :sunglasses:

Example with tags filtering


Filter by date and category?



Didn’t know that, thank you! this might just actually make my life easier and I will be able to find items fast/better. Should have looked better I guess.