This is a complete fraud.

Adding custom features is too expensive

The script price is $ 30. The additional cost of the feature is $ 100.

When presenting the price.

$ 100 or $ 50 unconditionally speaks by default.

If you comment on adding features,

The answer is that you can do it the next time you upgrade.

However, it does not upgrade over a long period of time.

Everyone who started a website with a script will no longer be able to do this business

Eventually we have to do a new business with another item

If this happens repeatedly, all users will leave envato

Script upgrades should be done when many users require functionality

This is a complete fraud.

If the feature was not in the demo originally then the author is not obligated to add it at any point unless they choose to do so.

If they offer to take it on as a customisation, then this is entirely outside support and (depending on the complexity) could easily warrant 50 - 100$ fee (that’s barely an hourly rate for many developers).

To accuse an author of “fraud” just because they do not respond to immediate personal customisation requests that were never part of the item is very unfair.


If you require a custom work obviously you must pay it. Is not difficult understand that no one will do your work for you and for free.

Sometime I really not understand how some people can not understand. Incredible.


On top of what @charlie4282 and @ThePixor have said - you have purchased a license to use an item, the very same license as thousand of other people.

The moment you need something created specifically for you - you pay for a time someone have to spend working on it. Doesn’t matter how small a change seems to look.



Developers answer really fast about what they can money
However, when it comes to A / S, error correction, critical function upgrades, etc.
We wait a very long time and can not hear the answer
I tried deliberately asking for customization in another email
I was also able to hear answers at a tremendous rate
I purchased a script from Envato and I have a period of support for at least 4 months
The support period is useless.I’m just wasting my time.
Paying the monthly support fee will only cover Envato and the developers’ interests.

Well, it’s not like that. You are probably paying for a product 100 times less, than for the value you will probably ask for a client of yours, and you say that for $4 to $10 of client fee is a value that only covers Envato and the developers interests?
For example for a script that is sold for $17, $5 goes for the author fee with support of 6 months + $4 fee for Envato and then if there is any tax from the place where you buy, it will be reduced the % of that tax on the product.
This will get the author to get about $7 for a script. Now do you think this is also fair for an author?
And relative to the support, most of the authors will pay support to every customer, because they have to right to have it, but do you think that those $7 pays everything? Well, if the product is really good enough, you won’t need to use the author support, but still he is there to help you, in case you need any help.
And relative to the “complete fraud” thing, for all those reasons we’ve written above, of course thos customization works will need to be rated, because if the author didn’t made them, was probably because those $7 script didn’t worth to have that feature.
We understand your concerns on this, but just put yourself on the place of the author, and ask yourself, if the value they are receiving is fair enough for the work they are putting into some product…

Best regards.

You continue to not understand, this is only a your advantage, not of Envato and not of the authors for sure. And is easy understand this, you pay $10-8 for a support that most of times require min 20/30 minutes, but the support is provided by expert developers and a developer of this level ask min $50/60 per hours for the support.

Can someone help me please?

Hello. Please open a Help ticket at the Envato Help & Support Center if you haven’t done so already. Our Help team will be happy to assist. Thanks!

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