This is a clear injustice

I submitted my product on Codecanyon more than 20 days ago
I received the reviewer’s first comment via e-mail

Hey there! Some Notes: The documentation is a little lacking: Check this link

The documentation is a little lacking:
Most importantly, remember that buyers may not be technically inclined. They may just be looking for an item to drop into their existing codebase. Also, keep in mind that a typical user won’t really know about all the features your system brings to the table. With them in mind, you should also look into providing a quick start guide of some sort. It need not belong: a short one will do.
You can use a premade template or the Documenter tool for your documentation, both linked below:

After receiving this comment, I took care to fix the problem

After 4 days of waiting, I received the second email. Reviewer comments

Hey there! Please Run flutter analyze command and fix all the issues shown in the console.
Of course, on the same day, I fixed the problem

After 6 days of waiting, I received the third comment on the email that made me happy. I think I am close to finally offering my product for sale. This is because the comment is about the product display image

- Please make sure your screenshot's resolution is complying with the following standards, we've detected incorrect resolutions in some of the images (these images are shown to the customers after clicking the 'screenshots' button below the main preview image). Portrait: from 700px to 900px high. Landscape: a minimum resolution of 1280px x 720px (width x height) and an aspect ratio of 16:9 is required.
It was very easy and after a short time I solved the problem and sent the product and I am very happy Now there's not much left and then I get the disappointing fourth message

After three times of modifications and improvements and waiting, I receive this message

Hey there! Reason: 1.Your item has a great idea behind it but I’m afraid this functionality’s niche has been sufficiently filled by a number of other great items here on CodeCanyon and elsewhere on the web and I think we’ve reached a point of saturation. At this point, we’re only looking for unique variations, best UI of this feature: for another one to be approved it would have to have a couple of unique features that differentiate it from what is already available.
What is this are we playing This is my project

They only have 3 multi-vendor applications flutter e-commerce template

Is it fair to give me comments and then say we don’t need this work after all this effort

Is this because I am a Muslim?
Am I now subjected to racism?
If so, do not forget that I am an Arab citizen, and I can raise millions or even billions of dollars to compete with you and open a larger market.
Also, I can sue you for your racism, and this is the correct answer. Not yet. Three comments for reform tell me the idea is good, but the market is rich in this idea.

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Is this better than my product? [link removed]

Hundreds (if not thousands) of people get their items approved every day… and hundreds (if not thousands) of people get their items rejected every day… no matter whether they are Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, straight, gay, white, black, brown, old, young and whether they like Babylon 5 or not.

From a optimistic standpoint, I like to think that Envato are an inclusive organisation that accept contributors of all races, creeds, colours, religions and ways of life as they want to nurture a culture of inclusivity and diversity. From a cynical standpoint… I like to think that any business worth their salt doesn’t really care who you are as long as you’re bringing in the dough. I.e. the odds of them closing ThemeFusion’s account if they found out they were a team of Lesbian Hindus from Tajikistan are pretty minimal!*

But I digress. If your options are to attempt to get an app approved that might make you 50/100 odd dollars a month… or to establish a multi-billion dollar stock marketplace to compete with Envato and all the other stock marketplaces (which you give the impression is some kind of right of all Arab Citizens)… then, well… I guess that’s up to you at the end of the day!

*They’re not… as far as I know.

P.S. I do NOT like Babylon 5.

Is it after all these modifications, updates and revisions that it was discovered that the product is not required or there are many like it?


How ???
It is logical that from the first time the product is uploaded, the last message will be, but not after all that

I’m not 100% sure what the issue is, but based on your response I’ve changed my answer to ‘No’. Hopefully that will meet with your approval.

My programmer is Muslim (he’s making scripts for my company) - and he’s the most professional engineer I ever had - for real. I tried many different secialists and this man won everything - the timing, the quality and 100% accuracy doing what I asked for.

So no - it’s not because you are Muslim.

Professionalism of the person have nothing to do with religion, race, color or orientation. Period.

Here on Envato racism is not tolerated… Envato is also “B corp” certified ( B Lab Global Site ) - and you don’t get this certificate because you asked for it - I checked the conditions - not easy.

Peace! ;]

Does what is happening to me make sense?

You are not the one → I am here since 12 years and I saw hundreds cases similar to yours. This happens, believe me.

These 3 have been rejected, but the two previous projects from the beginning told me either the product is not good or there are many of them in the store. I did not grieve, but after all this long journey of modifications and comments, it is said that there are many of them. Is this logical?

What happened to you is very unfortunate
I’m with you. Why did the product reviewer delay saying that your product is not needed or that there is a lot of it from the beginning?

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It’s perfectly logical. Imagine Envato is like some kind of club and the reviewers are bouncers. They’re going to address the quickest and easiest issues first, and the slowest and hardest issues last. I mean, what’s the point in spending several seconds or even minutes asking for ID and checking it, if you can first spend a second or two checking if the person has the wrong shoes on?

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Dear sir, this is not the first or the second product of mine to be rejected, but this is the third and the first product that was rejected because there are many similar works to it and the second was rejected because of the quality, but from the first comment I understood that from the beginning but this is not after three times of modification I am told it is not required
Also, when you look at the store, you only find three projects that are similar to the last product, how are there many of them?

Everyone is afraid of the ban and I can’t find a logical response. The only logical response is a customer, not a seller
If there is no logical response from the Envato administration, I will transfer the matter to the social media platforms and I will make them paid campaigns because I will not let my efforts on the ground, I stayed up all night and sometimes I did not sleep to put my product here. I feel hopeless now

There’s a first time for everything. ‘Afraid of the ban’… what’s that all about?

Thank you to Envato management for the quick response and understanding, and my product was rechecked
Now my product is published and I am very happy

@promtarek My project has rejected I want to know the reason. How I can mail them in support.
Need help. please guide me.

from this link