This Forum members are not friendly. That's Why ?

This Forum members are not friendly. That’s Why ?

Why do you say that?

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Because I need help but anyone can’t help me

So what is your question?

How can we help?

Hi @Riazur_Rizvi … Just be friendly and explain what kind of help do you need … politely, I am sure they will more than happy to help.

Good luck Buddy :slight_smile:

I think you are referring to your older threads with no reply about hard rejects.
Frankly, no one can provide you a feedback that will assure approval.

It is a self learning process. Compare your items with best ones already approved, check for how they manage colors, typography etc. ( skip those for which you feel mine is better than this still mine hard rejected :slight_smile: , that will not be helpful ).

Keep trying and improving. That’s it.


Do you, by any chance, have any idea how many people are being rejected, with the works that they think better than others which is approved? There are 1 m + people here, and you said this forum member is not friendly, don’t be that way man, improve yourself, like most of people here did when getting rejected!

Come on guys! Seems like it’s just a trolling =)))

lol I am being moderated, sorry for using p***y word.

You will be! Just kidding… but try and keep it ‘family friendly’. Thanks!