This Elite Author Song Collaboration Got Rejected

Hi everyone!

I only have two songs approved in my catalog at AJ. But last week I started full time with music production and therefore uploaded 5 songs. They now seem to get rejected one by one, so this week I didn’t submit anything so far. Instead, I am piling songs up :slight_smile:

One of the songs, however, was a cowrite collaboration with a very experienced Elite Author from AudioJungle. Since we both thought the song was a safe bet we got surprised and would like to get your opinion on why it got rejected.

It was deliberately made very steady and balanced to work well under dialogue:

Many thanks in advance!

Great track with a nice sound. That’s what I say. now listen to those tracks which were adopted at the same time, when your track was rejected.

Thanks, and sorry, but where do I found those tracks that got adopted when my got rejected? In what way did you mean the once adopted around the same time are different?

the search system in time. Yes, you can just listen to the new tracks.

Got it! Ill check later today. Thanks!

Hey there,

I see two issues here:

  1. The track itself. With literally 10.000s of pretty much exactly the same tracks (same reversed intro, same four on the floor kick, same harmonies, structures, etc) already here, new contributions better bring something new to the table, or be exceptionally well produced. Over the last months, here on the forums we’ve seen so many “OK”-tracks of this type being rejected. So, know that you are competing in the worst possible, oversaturated genre where “more of the same” is not enough.

  2. The mix: The track has a problem in the low mid/bass region, it sounds a little muddy there and these frequencies are overly boomy and taking away from elements higher in the spectrum.

As far as listening to other tracks, don’t bother unless you listen to learn best practices and learn from succesful productions. But again, try to bring something new to the table!

Hope this helps, good luck!


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New - “hard rejected”. I tried…

Here is a new. :alien:

Thanks! I agree, but it’s a fine balance. There is probably a logical reason for why there are 10000 similar sounding items.

I honestly think it was rejected solely for the 1st reason. I’m a beginner and by no means an expert, but for what it’s worth, my opinion is that the mix is good enough for AJ. If we consider the new initiative of Envato of letting authors set their own prices (not implemented for AJ yet), rejection of these ‘corporate’ copies makes more sense. A few authors have said this and I agree, I think Envato isn’t planning to set the minimum price for items because they’re hoping items like this will lose their value. There will be some author who makes professional, high quality ‘corporate’ track for 4$ and there will be no point for buyers to buy more expensive ‘corporate’ track unless it’s original. As a result Envato hopes to get the library where quality and originality is worth more than it is now.

This is a solid background track! Here is my constructive criticism (opinion of course)… I think the lead synth tone in the beginning sounded a little cheap, and the ending had an odd chord tone going on. Also the guitar melody at the end had some notes that were way louder than the rest, the dynamics were just a little much. The guitar melody/tone sounded awesome, and I thought the mix, master and balance was good overall. keep writing, you clearly know what AJ is looking for, just need to fine tune some things. I think repetitive is good as long as you differentiate the melody like you did. The beat could have changed slightly by introducing and eliminating elements across different melodic parts. Good luck!

It sounds really great, in my opinion. I don’t know, maybe the kick is just a little bit loud and boomy, but that’s a matter of taste, of course. As mentioned above, it’s also true that hundreds of almost identical corporate tracks (with the reversed intro, same tempo, same chord progression, same instrumentation, etc.) flood the market on a weekly basis and the guys at Envato might be trying to balance the genre offer a bit, but it’s just an assumption.
As for anything else, among the the long list of corporate tracks approved today (sorting by date in the search engine), I particullary liked yours.

Best of luck with all your upcoming uploads! :slight_smile:

I am not listening on a good system right now, so I won’t judge the mix. But it sounds really good, composition wise, it is way more interesting than many corporate tracks… I like the “voices” like sound that can be heard in the middle of the song… I really don’t see why it was rejected…

This is bad luck - what does this Elite author you collaborated with thinks of this? I guess he has very few rejections if he is an Elite Author…

Anyway I wish you good luck for your future submissions - I am anxious as I am very new here, like you, and have 2 pending uploads… seeing the number of “Hard rejections” I know they can be both rejected - well in this case I’ll simply upload them elsewhere, on non exclusive accounts on other platforms, to give the songs a second chance :slight_smile:

Hey! Just to make one thing clear. I am no super fan of the corporate genre. This was basically a first attempt and training exercise for me. What I have read so far AJ is not rejecting because they have similar items in stock as long as it’s not a straight copy and the composition and production is good, but its hard to know. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Thanks for the kind words! I am actually also quite happy with this song for what it is. It’s probably a bit bass heavy, but in the corporate genre, I think it does the job (thanks to my co-producer).

Hi again!

The voices like sound is actually my voice :slight_smile:

I haven’t asked my co-producer if I can publish his name here, but I will ask.

As said I have 2 pending tracks for approval and 3 rejected from last week, but today all of them got approved by another very big library. But I like that people are being tough on me because it forces me to really improve my game. I think when you push yourself like that and then succeed is far greater than an easy ride.

I only have two AJ songs approved so far and only 3 sales, but when I made my first submission last spring I got rejected. 4 months later I made my second attempt and got approved after having really studied the top sellers. So, there is hope :smiley:

Good luck with your creations!

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Or… on exclusive accounts on other platforms.

And you did an awesome job in doing that. You were just unlucky in choosing the genre and timing.

Also, loved those airy background vocals too. It’s really odd they rejected it. A matter of luck, I guess.

Cheers and good luck!

I wouldn’t suggest this for new authors. As new author better to produce something similar (harmony, duration, structure, development, mood, tempo, instrumentation) to ‘AudioJungle’ trending music just for better understanding how this particular marketplace work and what sells best. All markets are different some music which already successful on other place can be rejected here.Then after catching the idea you can adapt or add something unusual or new from yourself and will see the reaction if it accepted or not.

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I have found many non exclusive platforms, but I don’t know which ones offer exclusive accounts? (maybe answer in PM, we should not give names of competition here I guess)