this corporate track REJECT

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ha-ha interesting =)


I feel kinda bad and uneasy about this thread.

Why rejecting such track? I don’t understand, maybe the market is saturated of this genre. You don’t want to know how many tracks are similar to each other, this could be another “classic” corporate one.

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Too many repetitions, i think. And too less progress and transitions between parts. Sounds very static.

I agree with @MaxKoMusic it’s very repetitive and static. Not only the melody, also the arrangement.

Yeah man I think if you just change up the arangement a little bit so that some more stuff happens you’ll be good to go. Alternatively you could just shorten it. Mix sounds just a little bass/low-mid heavy to me but that shouldn’t be an issue.

I agree with what others have said, I’m pretty sure the reason for rejection is the track is too repetitive for it’s length. If you had made it only 1 minute long it might have been accepted. If it’s going to be over 3 minutes then it needs some variety. I see nothing wrong with the mix or arrangement at all!

Already accepted thank you!

So it got rejected first… and now it got approved?
Did you change anything? I compared the two for just a few seconds but nothing was changed?

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I was just previously mentioned Corporate Motivational, so it was rejected so I realized that this track Corporate Tech, In addition, the music is very well received, and you need to install the correct section!!!

New version is 2:30, so the length is different…