This author's After Effects plugin turns rose petals into a love heart

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VideoHive author, AndrVlad had the idea to film rose petals and make an After Effects plugin that created shapes out of them. So he set up a green screen that was three meters tall in his garage and filmed individual rose petals falling from above.

“I actually filmed them twice. Once with my Canon 5D Mark III, then again two years later with my current camera, a Sony A7SII”, he tells me.

Due to their light weight, he found that paper rose petals worked better than real ones.

He captured footage of 80 of them falling, tracking each individual petal, extracting it from the green screen background and processing it.

I wrote several complicated scripts and expressions to make each petal combine to form a given figure like a heart with duplicated but still different petals duplicated from the original 80.”

He programmed the behavior of each petal, giving it a path to create a shape and then break it.

“It was a pretty interesting process to learn to make something so complex from several simple layers of individual rose petals. Even though I have a programming background, it was my first serious work with After Effects scripting and expressions, so it was challenging.”

And it took time. So much so that at one point he gave up. But a year or so later he was back on the project.

“Videography…is kind of a hobby for me”, he explains.

This November AndrVlad will celebrate five years on the VideoHive marketplace.

“It’s been an interesting journey, started per the advice of a friend.”

“I decided to try and then found that this marketplace can compensate my video equipment and even some travel expenses.”

“One of the most rewarding moments is to get an email with a YouTube link from a customer saying, “Look how we used your item. Thank you!”

“It’s really inspiring to have people buy my items on VideoHive, like them and use them.”

While the making of “Rose Petals Heart” was complicated enough, AndrVlad’s initial plans were even more ambitious.

“Originally I had planned to submit the After Effects project file so that customers would be able to change the shape, the quantity of petals and their behavior.”

But right now he’s happy to have at least one version released. We’ll be waiting with baited breath for the next one.

You can buy "Rose Petals Heart" by AndrVlad on VideoHive

Music credit: "Sabrina" by meHiLove



That’s really cool! It’s amazing the amount of effort that goes into making something like this.

Interesting to know how people create their items. Very Inspiring :slight_smile:

Dom, thank you for featuring my item! :slight_smile:
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