Third Soft Reject - Need Help!


I’ve got third soft reject with some comments, most of them are clear for me, except these two:

  1. Home page usability is low and design needs to be improved:

6. More attention to details and overall design improvements are needed:

Can someone help me to understand what reviewer wants with home page usability?
Did he mean that homepage has only slider? Or something else?

And also about my blog page, more attention to details?

My demo.

Thanks in advance!


Firstly well done! It looks better than most for sure.
If I had to “pick holes” then my advice on usability would be as follows -

  1. Homepage slider - it’s not clear there is a way to move through the slides. Instead of small numbers at the bottom of the screen, how about perhaps buttons which at least would stand out.
  2. Instead of a clever slider on the links to other pages, why not simply have the links to the other pages accessible like you have on the About Page

  1. The blog page on desktop - Right Sidebar – Futur Portfolio
    It looks not so finished or polished as for example your portfolio page or about us page. That image at the top -

And the way the page then carries on just doesn’t look nice.

I hope my comments help, because I think you are 90% there :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot, I really appreciate your answer!

Can you explain what do you mean simply have the links to other pages? Sorry, I’m newbie.

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It’s only my own thoughts - other people on the forum will help you too I’m sure, and have their own opinions. On your homepage (on a desktop) it looks really nice and because I have studied the page links yes I see what you have done with the slider to links.

Clicking the icon on the right hand side, then the “slider” I refer to is as shown below:

I’m not sure how that looks on a smartphone or tablet, but maybe the 3 dots on a circle looks fine on the pages which have a navigation menu, but on the homepage, there is no navigation menu, so perhaps that is why the soft reject said:
Home page usability is low and design needs to be improved

Let other people like @charlie4282 or @LSVRthemes just to mention two of them give you some great advice.

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Now I understand what you mean. Thanks a lot, mate, your answer made my eyes open.
P.S. Reviewer rejected my slider menu, said it’s hard to use, I have to change it(

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Thank you as well mate. And very good luck with being able to develop the theme. I salute you sir. Take care and best wishes.

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