Think To Quit My Job/Don't Know How To Start


Hello Friends!

I will start with the fact that I’m not new on VideoHive, however I have never used it as my main income source, cause I got job. (I do motion graphics) I only created few templates for videohive when I had free time.

few days ago I did some kind of research about the time and energy which I spend every day for my job and concluded that If I direct same time and energy to create templates for VideoHive, I will get much greater income, Plus I live in a country where dollar got very high exchange rate.

However the reality is different. I cant quit my job without normal income from videohive, cause I pay loans bills and so on… I know that the best option is to build up myself here with sales and than quit job, But at this moment it is impossible, cause my job takes a lot of time every day, On the other hand quit a job and concentrate 100% on videohive is also the great risk as it needs some time here to started sales.

I need advises here from people who faced such problem, how you made your way on videohive.

Thanks in advance!


It is only my opinion.
If You still do not earn enough to quit the job, do not even think about it!
To earn a lot on videohive You need copy the templates that have good selling rate. Also You need big luck so that Your projects will be approved ( one and the same project can be approved with one reviewer and hardly rejected with another. So luck is very important here, unfortunatly…)
Better to be good at Your work and as to small passive income to sell projects on these kind of markets.
Have a friend with similar situation (he is motion graphics designer) - how he said, better to stick to Your job, cause You always will have it if You are good enough and spend spare time on templates cause on videohive and similar markets You sell 1000 items this months and 10 items next months, but You always need to eat and pay the bills.
Also to sell things on these markets You need to advertise them on facebook, instagramm and so on. Even paid ads on facebook. Just creating template and uploading it won’t make You rich.
I do not have many sales myself and even struggling with just being approved. But it is just a hobby for me :smiley: I think someone from reviewer team do not like me somehow (few times projects was soft rejected cause I used wrong envato logo in preview or not the good font style and after I changed it, the project was hardly rejected, not even mentioning that my rejected on envato projects are being sold on other markets) :smiley:

Only thing I would advise to You, do not stop only with videohive. Make unique design for videohive, after that change it and sell on other markets as well.


Very long story short - I was in the same situation and like a knucklehead, I quit my job to do this full time without any prior experience on Videohive (though I did have a background in motion graphics). After awhile I eventually found my footing and started making decent income, enough to become fully supportive of my finances. Fast forward going on 5 years later and this is still my main source of income, though I do branch out into freelancing and have numerous plans/opportunities if ever this career tanks.

The reason I don’t recommend doing what I did:

  1. That was 2013. It was a lot easier to get approved back then imo, the marketplace wasn’t as saturated, and competition wasn’t as fierce.
  2. Not everyone makes it. I’ve seen people who started around the same time as me pump projects only to have very few sales and eventually give up. On the other hand others release hit after hit. These success stories aren’t told by everyone.
  3. I was also young (or rather younger… was in my early 20’s) - I was able to take much more risks, it was kind of expected around here.

If bills and loans weren’t an issue, and you had a just in case plan - I would tell you to definitely give it a go… but for now I’d have to say find SOME WAY to work on templates while you have a job. I don’t know your schedule, but if there’s anything you can free up to dedicate time to a new potential career, do whatever you can to make it happen.

On the flip side if you decide to be a knucklehead like I was, make sure you’re ready to spend an ample amount of time working on templates, perfecting your technique, studying the marketplace, and being very adaptable. Also understand that things may get worse before they get better. For me bills were piling on and I too had loans to pay off (these were the worst). Honestly the idea of failure was what kept me going even after multiple rejections and frustration. Needless to say, this is a high risk high reward pathway… and if you jump in, you better go hard and give it your absolute 100%.


Don’t listen @Joki_3D. You don’t need to copy other templates to have good sales (It’s a way of losers who has no creativity).

I’m here 6 years, and such thing never ever happened to me. Even when I don’t upload any item for 4 months. So for me this sounds funny, because people talk about what they never try, and what they don’t know at all. It’s just their imagination.:grinning:

I can’t give you any advice because I never worked for someone else. But I always eat well and payed bills regularly. Maybe I need to find employer to start worrying about food and bills. :rofl:


As to losers, I do not agree.
1)old redisigned templates are being sold well, why You need to bother about creating new ones
2)You will spend less time on designs, so You can make more templates and more profit. For example, the one who is inspiration for me, VladimirPerumov, he did around 2 unique designs for maybe past 5 motnhs, all the rest is just copy of his own works! And there are those who do not create of their own at all!
3)envato do not encourage at all to create new things! Even more, they creating conditions when You will be approved with projects more often if You create old stuff.

In the end I would like to mention that it is bad tactic to copy. You do not have Your style, You are not creative, You are not developing Your skills and so on. But is reality now!
As to me, I try to do unique stuff. But You can see how much sales I’ve got and how many projects I have! Yeah, I am not a professional at all, it is just a hobby.


Thanks everyone who commented on my post!

I think the best option is to build up myself here… But I see it wont be such easy…