Think it will sell? What can be improved?

I’ve just submitted my password generator.

You can use your keyboard to generate passwords:

  • Right arrow will generate another.
  • Down arrow will decrease length.
  • Up arrow will increase length.
  • Space bar will rise logger.
  • ESC key will clear logs.

Numbers 1 through 4 will change options like uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and special characters.

There is also a password strength indicator below the input box. You can enter your own and it will change colors to determine if it is strong enough or not.

With respect I doubt this will be approved.

The demo execution is very basic and non responsive.

While the keyboard features may be quite unique I don’t really see it being enough to warrant premium / paid for quality when there are so many free alternatives out there.

It wasn’t approved.

I’ve come to the conclusion that my time can be better spent elsewhere.

Thanks for your input!