Think I need to pay for web developer for this......what ya think?

I have a business idea. I want to develop a website similar to BUT I want to aim it to the SPANISH market.

Things in Spain are always behind…the website/web portal works like this:
It allows volunteers and employers to register.
Schools can then register and connect with volunteers and employers
These then deliver talks to the schools/classes about their jobs and careers
It can be free but I would look at maybe charging schools a membership fee.

It sounds like a big job as there would need to be a front website and then a backend where schools and employers/volunteers could register - Then there would have to be a place where once registered the schools can look through the employers/volunteers…to connect

Does this sound like any template here can do this?

If not, where can I go to find a developer that could do this for me and how much do you think it will cost?


There may be some items at Listing category on WordPress