Things are not showing on a small device

Hello, (not sure is this the right place to put this).
I have a responsive WordPress theme, but for some reason there are some images and wording that are not showing on a small screened device.
I have tried to isolate it the type of phone etc, but it just seems to be the small screen.
Also when I view it in my customization part of the dashboard, I can’t view some stuff on the smallest screen option, but the pc and tablet sized ones I can. Please if anyone has any ideas of what I can possible do to fix this issue it would be greatly appreciated
Here is some screen shots, from the customization section. First one is what is supposed to be able to be seen, second one is what a small screen device sees

Contact the theme author

Hi @just4ucreations,

I can troubleshoot that for you if needed, contact me.

That would be great if you could. Thankyou so much
Cheers Kylie