There's no correct template files (gravity from templateforest>arrowthemes

I bought the Gravity Template and I have to say that there’s no files such as even images for this template (only for another one). Even in and
I already have installed quickstart and I installed gravity template through extensions>manage>install and by zip file. I set this style as Default and my site is just… there’s nothing. Like there was no template.

I have to make this project in really short term and I don’t know what to do.
I was trying to install it local on xampp but while databasess are installing installer just stuck. I was waiting half an hour and nothing happened.

I’m using a free 30day hosting which support joomla 3.x on site

there’s my nearly blank website: and it’s

And as I said I got only few images in images folder even in and

(images_gravity_quickstart.png) screenshot of images folder in quicstart (there is nearly nothing)
(images_gravity.png) screenshot of images folder in gravity template

It looks like if I bought empty simple template, isn’t it?