There was an error processing your item: "\xE2" from ASCII-8BIT to UTF-8

Hi. there. I’m getting an error like this while I’m trying to upload a wp theme. What should I do?

Do you get this error when you try to upload the theme on your WordPress or on Envato(you submit an WordPress item)?

On envato. While ım submiting an item

If the file names have special character, that could be the problem.
Use the latin keyboard

I dont think so its not about file names. I changed them but result is same.

How did you name the files?

mwpthumbnail.jpg, materializewp, themepreview

Tried FTP?


23 Ara 2016 ÖS 5:55 tarihinde “ki-themes” yazdı:

Seems you’re using Turkish keyboard. Check the file names ( inside of the zip as well ) and make sure you named them as latin and avoid using special characters

Having same issue when trying to upload the item.

I confirm it.
same notice is in my end too.

You just upload this 4 requirement file. no need optional category file then try this.

Hi, Anyone resolved this issue? I am still getting same. any help from envato ?

Still waiting for a reply from Envato, is there any solution?

Today I face same problem when uploading wp theme in themeforest “There was an error processing your item: “\xE2” from ASCII-8BIT to UTF-8”

Is there any solution?

Have you checked the file names?

Yes. Did you get any solution?

I don’t have the problem. It’s probably file name issue

Did you finally able to upload this wp theme in themeforest? Did you renew file names?