There is something weird happening with my affiliate links

Hey guys,

Recently I noticed when I click on my own affiliate links, in browser, it will automatically redirect my aff link to another user called “LoadingzScript”

Which is this user:

This is an example of my aff links: Crest Bootstrap Admin Theme Preview - ThemeForest

First I thought my affiliate Plugin that creates the outgoing links is hacked but when I directly enter my aff links this happens.

Here is a video, just see how my username changes:

How is this possible?
Any thoughts?

Not only my affiliate links are forwarding to this user. Any affiliate link in Envato markets redirects to this user. (at my end)

This happens only for preview links.


Yes, thats looks strange in your video.
Maybe someone can give you explanation why is that happening.

For me works fine. I just checked and all the time is ?ref=artaweb in URL for me.

Even in the preview links?

Even when I click on this link from this topic page, it changes the username to "LoadingzScript"
I can’t relate to anything.

Yes, when I click on that link I get this:

and when I click on “Buy now” I get this:

So this looks like something is wrong with my browser. The fact that the user LoadingzScript is involved with this, is clear but how can I get rid of it? Maybe someone from @envato can have a look in this? This activity is wrong!

Hello @artaweb,
We will check this issue for you. I have also just run a similar test but not seeing your ‘?ref=’ link change.
Please clear all your cache and run the test again. Was the test carried out in an incognito browser, try that as well.

I’ll come back to you with any updates from test we run internally.
Envato affiliate team

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Thank you for your reply.

Incognito test did not change my username to that user.
Cleared the cache, cookies, and I am still facing the same problem.

Any other computers, browsers works fine. Just the Google Chrome on this MacBook.