There is more than one Mint Theme by different authors - are they compatible?

We took on a website built by somebody else using the Mint - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme By 1theme. It hasn’t been updated by the author since 2015 and they don’t appear to be around anymore. It is only compatible up to Wordpress 4.1. So I’m worried to could break anytime soon as plugins are updated.

But I notice there is also a Mint - Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme By tvdathemes (A different author) which is current and compatible with Wordpress 5.5.

Does anyone know if the 2 themes are connected in anyway and whether or not it is possible to easily move from one to the other without too much going wrong?


If it’s different authors then they are separate products and not related in any way

Thanks for the quick reply. I figured that to be the case, but wanted to just check in case the author had simply changed their name and brand.