There is an error

My website developer found an error how can I contact someone of envato to help me solve it

Depends what the issue is but if it’s related to a specific item then you need to talk to the author not envato

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I think your website developer could fix the problem faster instead of getting help from someone else ( author )

If I am writing here it means that he cannot. If people sell faulty products it’s their responsibility to help to fix it

Hard to make comments to see the coding of the item and few other things. It may just not be a faulty product, could be a simple compatibility issue.

Exertio theme. SB Chat is the plugin used in this theme for chat functionality. On frontend there is an option to choose any file to attach with message. The plugin uses AJAX function call to upload the selected file to server, but when this AJAX call is made from frontend page, the callback is not received on server so the file doesn’t get uploaded.