There are a lot of low quality items are being approved recently. What's happening?

Hi everyone,

This is my opinion, a lot of low quality WordPress items are appeared recently. What’s happening with the Market? A good item will be moved to page 2 within 1 week, and another week, it’s in page 3, then died soon. The Market I knew was a very good Market where the buyers can easy to find the high quality items. Look, on WordPress Blog & Magazine Category page, each item has average 5 - 10 sales on the first page, and 15 - 20 sale on the second. A good item can get more than this a little bit, there are 15 - 20 new items published per week that lot of items among them are not deserve to be published here, they will be hard-rejected if submitted 1 year ago. What’s happening? Can anyone have an idea for this situation of the Market?

Envato, I hope you can consider and should solve this ASAP.