Then I'll stop bothering!

Hi all, this is a new track that I am working on, it is a sentimental “goodbye” music, and I would like to hear from you before I post it and it gets rejected. Do you think it can be of any use in AJ? As usual, many many thanks for your wise suggestions and don’t worry, I won’t take your sales soon :sleeping:

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I certainly like it, very relaxing and nice piano playing. Maybe it could fit in the Cinematic-Romantic sentimental genre? I would maybe consider making the track a little longer, I like when the strings enter and then you could have another round I think before ending it.

I would recommend studying other similiar tracks, and maybe also what they are named to show up in the search engine. Goodbye is a good title, but maybe not generic enough. Description is also important, what kind of use for the track do you imagine etc.

Good luck!

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Beautiful piano play and I totally loved the harmonization work. I definitely agree with @MojoSoundtrackMusic here, I feel the piece asks for 4 additional bars at the end. You could probably repeat the exact same part and add a higher octave violin arrangement.
Also, at the risk of being cheesy, I would add a subtle, dark, but fairly long reverb (3,6 secs maybe?) to the piano. Not too wet, but I think some extra ambience could make the track more ear-candy.
Romantic/Sentimental category definitely, and some tags like wedding, romance, love story, nostalgia, bla bla bla.
Great work! It won’t be rejected. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much guys! I am still in the learning process of using all the plug-ins and everything, and I keep hearing tracks on AJ that sounds much better then hit singles, but I am fascinated by the deep knowledge of technology that most of you have! :exploding_head:

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This is really epic track :slight_smile: Hope for you it will be approved :slight_smile: I think you should add it - Cinematic - Romantic Sentimental.
Good luck :slight_smile:

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And of course it has been rejected! :thinking:

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I am sorry to hear this… the composition is really nice, I am listening it on average headphones and I wish there was more reverb, maybe, also there are some resonances from time to time that annoy me, but I would not know why they rejected it…

Maybe you should check the tracks at this category and use the general song structure with your own melodies.

and the piano in this track definetly needs reverb as wormwoodmusic mentioned

Good luck

Thank you guys for the replies, unfortunately no matter what I submit the rejection never fails to appear…probably I am still missing some points.

However I did add the reverb on the final version, just a subtle reverb not too disturbing but…it didn’t work anyway. I am used to rejection so I don’t worry too much, and I still think the piece is good…but this is AJ :slight_smile: