Themify theme problem

Hi everyone. A couple of years back, I’ve bought a Wordpress theme from Envato which is made by Themify. I don’t have any Themify login details (username/password), this theme is removed from ENVATO in the meantime and these are the problems I am facing now.

In my WP dashboard, I have a notification “Themify Updater: license key is invalid”, and it won’t accept my purchase license from Envato but it also asks for Themify username, but I simply don’t have it.
My theme has some code problem suddenly, I can see that in Themify forum someone had the same problem, but I cannot access Themify forum because (again) no Themify username. :@

I wrote 10-15 emails to Themify, no reply!! Worst support ever!!!

So, I bought a theme, but I cannot update it, I cannot see the resolution for its problem, cannot do anything!
Any ideas on how to resolve this??


Sorry to hear your problem, but I think you must start again with other themes instead. It will headache for wait to get help for something you don’t know when it will come.

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Regarding to the theme has been already removed, means they are not supporting the theme. Contacting them may not solve your problem and the only option may be hiring someone else.

In case of interest, I can provide paid support:

Hello ki-themes, no, I don’t need support from them, I just need something that I paid for, to be able to update the theme because there is a new version available and to be able to participate in their forum, and I just need a valid license and a username from Themify, I paid for it !!!
Purchase license from Envato is not enough and it should be.

So this will be the last theme I will buy from Themify and I will advise all not to buy their themes, since they have this kind of attitude to their customers!

Btw ,theme is still being sold at Themify…

Just had an idea, if any of you here has a Themify account, please let me know, so I can send you a link to Themify forum where someone asked for a solution for the same problem I have, so you can just check out that topic and let me know if they have a solution there.


You need to solve the problem with the author. If the theme marked as “supported”, he need to provide the support for the item. Otherwise, you can contact Envato support to report the problem.

Good luck!