Themetraktor doesn't support as they are suposse to

I am tired about contacting themetraktor for the theme treebeard. I have problems with their theme and they are not providing the right support… I’ve contacted them many times and nobody replyes… please I need my support for that theme…

It says the item is not supported:


Did you buy your license when they were selling support? If so, you would be able to see how many months of support you have remaining at this page:

Please note support is not required unless you pay for it (or buy it with the theme).

If you are entitled to support per the link above, and they aren’t responding, you should open a refund request for this reason at

The support comes with the theme. Actually they replied me once but they haven’t done it anymore!

If they won’t respond then your only option is to open a refund request and find a new theme. Even Envato cannot make them reply to you.

You can open a refund request at and be sure to mention that you’ve paid for support and that you’re not receiving it.

My website is already done… I am not going to change the theme and redo al the job done! What kind of support is this? You should have more control on what you sell…

Firstly, I am not Envato. I do not work for Envato. I do not have anything to do with your account or your purchase. This is an open community forum. Not a support forum. Not an account help forum. Those kinds of requests need to be directed to Envato Support at

Secondly, Envato does control what it sells. You purchased from a fairly small author. They were supporting the product when you purchased, so Envato had no reason to not let the item sell as is. But Envato cannot see the future to know that the author will end up not fulfilling their responsibilities.

Thirdly, I am afraid you’re out of options then unless you hear back from the author or find a paid alternative. Complaining to Envato could potentially get him to respond (though unlikely), but it could also potentially get the item taken down. I’m not sure about their procedures.

In conclusion, the fact of the matter is they’re not selling support right now. But you bought support before they stopped supporting it, so yes, you’re entitled to support until it expires. However, what can be done? I can’t find a solution to your problem, where you end up happy, unless the author decides to reply to you or you get a refund and find a new theme.

And who knows what circumstances the author is facing right now, which made them disable support in the first place?

Regardless you should indeed let Envato know that the author is not offering you the support you paid for. You can open a ticket at

Many authors offer paid WordPress support/customization at Envato Studio if you absolutely need to use this theme and have no other options.