Themestudio authors disappeared

Hi I purchased the VAN theme from Themestudio 3 weeks ago and as there were a few bugs. I have been emailing their support. I got an answer to my first email, asking for the login but since then nothing. I have posted on the forum and emailed multiple times but no response.
I had a break over the year end and I now I am trying again but the site is down
and so is the site of the author:
Anyone knows what is happening with themestudio?

Any tip on where I can get support please?

First I want to sorry to the inconvenience caused! We’ve been overloading that may caused such delay. Sorry about that. Can I have your email address so I can look into your problems?
Thank you!

Hi my email is
I already sent you an email about two weeks ago, but we can start from scratch.

Hello @oramatv,
I’ve checked with your email address but not found. You can take a look:
I was just wondering which address did you send to?
BTW, you can repost your problems to this

Thanks - just emailed you.