Themes like duolingo

Hi guys
Im looking for WP themes similar with which is LMS website.

Is there any themes, plugins for gamification like duolingo?

I’m afraid you won’t find any theme that has features like Doulingo :smiley:
They have very strong learning system that worth millions $ :slight_smile:

I didnt mean theme exactly the same as duolingo.
I need gamification theme or plugin which is easy to use. Themes on envato are only for E-learning…T.T

Here you go✓

Thanks for your kind redirection.
But I cannot find out any quiz process look simillar with duolingo.

I’ve been working on one. I know it’s been a year, but if you’re interested I can share a copy with you. It requires LearnDash for the quizzes, BadgeOS for the badges, and myCred for the XP.