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Hello guys,

I want to open a fashion and beauty virtual store and I would like to know how to find Magento themes that can be translated into Brazilian Portuguese?

How to find topics that have create blog?

Themes that it is also possible to create an affiliation system?

And themes that could create a marketplace system for other virtual stores to be able to sell their products inside my store?

Thank you and I await.



You can check for megento themes @

I am not sure about the translation will check and update you.

varunsridharan, thanks for the reply.

The Magento themed page ( I found. But the problem is that I need themes that are all in Brazilian Portuguese, however, I do not know how to find.

I also wanted to know which ones I can create blogs, affiliate system and marketplace. If I have to contact the developers one by one, it will give me a huge job.


I am tagging Envato team I think they might help you out.

@charlie4282 @matthewcoxy

Any Idea ?

Default language on envato is English so you will almost certainly not find anything written in Portuguese.

Magneto is not traditionally a blogging platform so while there are some themes with extensions already in place this will drastically limit your search.

Of course you can try applying a blog extension to any theme but you would want to check with the author as to how/if it would work. You could even create a stand alone blog using a more focussed route like WordPress and just place it i a sub domain of the Magento site.

As for multi vendor sites - I’ve never seen this on Magento here. Again the extension probably exists but you will need some quote serious customisation help to install and set it all up. Also this may alter the license you need.

I don’t know how techy you are but if you plan to include all of these features I would strongly suggest looking at finding a freelancer ( or even ask a magneto author on here to help find the right solution and set it all up.

It’s very unlikely you will find an out of the box solution (esp the Portuguese part) and Magento can be quite tricky to manage if you are not familiar with it all.

FYI your life would be much much easier on all requirement if you could use A WordPress commerce solution if that is an option.

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Why you don’t try with Wordpress and Woocommerce? There is plenty languages in Wordpress and you can translate your site with plugins like WPML.

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