Themes for the website builder - a licencing question

I want to use a theme for a website builder. I am creating that website builder myself and i want to use one theme as basis for that. My customers will pay money to use that website builder. What kind of licence do i need for that theme? Can i have an unlimited use licence? Is that even possible with Envato licencing?

Unfortuantely not - you cannot use themes here in that way. You would need an individual license per perosn using the builder

Thank you for fast response. So Standard licence per customer would be ok? @charlie4282

Hi @xguntis

If the end users need to pay to see the end product, you need an Extended License. There can be more than one end user as long as there is only one end product.

Example: A website that requires money before you can access the content

So, as per the above condition your customer will need extended license otherwise regular license will be fine.


I’d double-check with support but you will definitely need 1 license per user/copy of the builder. Envato Market Help and Support

I am not certain if this would fall into regular or extended as that would depend on if it is a one-off payment /website done using the builder or if this is a subscription type approach

I would like to be it subscription based. Like Shopify.

That would almost certainly require an extended license as it is an ongoing process, but if you use the link above to speak to support then they will be able to confirm things