Themes are not getting updated


I used a few themes and many plugins from Elements, but found that a lot of the stuff that is also listed in Theme-forest is not updated with the latest versions

Example here is a theme

This theme is updated to work with the latest version of WordPress
This same theme is listed in Elements and is updated until Wordpress version 4.8

I am paying a yearly fee of $557 Australian and would expect that i can download the same updated versions.

It will make the subscription kind of useless If i you can not get the updated version and need to purchase an additional license to get updates.

Look forward to your feedback Envato





Please contact Elements Support. Elements Support Team will be happy to help.


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You should ask a theme author about that - is on Elements the latest version.

I will try to provide you some info - I am ThemeForest and Elements author.

  1. On Elements, you can select up the latest version 5.1 - so, my themes are compatible with latest version (at the moment is 5.3 and that is selected on TF but no option on Elements to select)

  2. When we update theme on TF, the update is not automatically included on Elements - we need manually to “synchronize” the item on Elements (each of them) in few clicks. I am doing this each time when I update item - some authors maybe even don’t know that they need to do this or they have just forgot to do it.

So, I am suggesting you to ask the author if the latest version is on Elements if not, contact the Elements support and ask them (you have a link in the previous post).

Hi @visualdevelopment! Thanks for the detailed feedback.

I’ve raised this with other staff members, and they’ve confirmed that the ThemeForest and Elements versions of the item are always identical - it’s the same .ZIP file used in both locations. This appears to be either a metadata or item description issue, with one or both of those not updating on Elements when the item is updated.

We’ll look into this, to find out what’s causing the issue. In the meantime, I can confirm that the files you download from Elements will definitely be the same version as those available for individual purchase on ThemeForest.

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