themes and subscriptions

A few years ago i was helping set up a website and we got a theme from here and I haven`t been involved really since. I now hope to begin a new website and have seen a theme i like for $60 and was about to buy it but there was something in my mind that i remembered from 4 years ago and I just want to clarify. If i remember correctly when we bought the theme 4 years ago there were plug-ins that came with it and it looked great (i think one was a slider) but there was something about you had to renew subscription for premium plug ins within the theme and there were about 7 ! And I thought - no way ! And I just replaced them with alternative free plug ins but i would have preferred the ones that came with it.

So my question is…is this still the case ? When I spend $60 of my hard earned money will it stop at that or will I have to keep spending extra every year ?



when you will purchase any theme (one time payment for lifetime for a single end product) then the theme update download free for lifetime. Also theme bundle plugins are free and you can collect from the theme purchased. most cases theme may ask you to register the theme license to get access the theme bundle plugins.

If you have any query regarding pluguns (as like premuim add-ons) you can ask this pre-purchase query directly to the theme author going through theme Comments page and post your query as a comment. theme author will answer your query.