Is thememagic totally supported in Php version 7.2, or what can I do to update the theme?


please go to theme details page then Comments tab and post your query. Or go to Support tab and ask your query. Theme Author will assist you.


Thank you for your answer. Can you please link me to these pages, I can’t find them…

give me the exact name of your purchased Item.

I think it is called “thememagic”. You can see it on Thank you.49

please go to your Dashboard then download tab. There you will see the Item you purchased. Click on that it will take you details page. click Comments tab and post comments there. Thanks

Thank you. I am not used with this site and this way sound crazy, but where can I find my dashboard?

Assuming you are loggedin in Envato Market. go to your Downloads page there you will see a list of all your purchased item(s). from there click on the concern theme which will take you to the details page. There you will find Comments tab. there also you will get a tab Support to get support from the theme Author click that tab and contact Author. Thanks

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Got it, thanks! I have only bought one plugin from Envato Market it seems and that is not the thememagic. What I can remember when I created my website in 2013 thememagic was a free theme from Wordpress, but I can not update it from there. Do you have any other suggestions what I can do?

Please see screenshot what I want to get rid of when I add new texts to my website:

Please I need help here. There is a lot of programming text shown in all my posts… What can I do?

please contact your purchased plugin Author. They will assist you. Thanks