ThemeFusion Reach the Top Elite milestone - 25 Million in Item Sales, Congratulations!

Get Your Party Hats Out, It’s Time to Celebrate! :tada:

@ThemeFusion are celebrating TWO very exciting milestones.

Drumroll please :drum::drum::drum:

Today, we are excited to announce that ThemeFusion have made Envato history by reaching the Final Frontier of the Elite program: $25 million in item sales! :1st_place_medal:

In addition to this milestone, ThemeFusion are celebrating Avada’s 6th birthday today! Happy birthday Avada :birthday:

Huge congratulations to the ThemeFusion team on this extraordinary milestone. We’re absolutely blown away by how far Avada has come in such a short space of time! Thank you being a part of this community and sharing the journey with us.

Check out ThemeFusion’s story on our Innovation Timeline, from it’s early beginnings to $25 million today and all their important milestones along the way.

Please join us in congratulating ThemeFusion on this amazing achievement :clap:


Congratulations to ThemeFusion, it’s such a huge & impressive achievement. Effort pays off greatly. This is worth a big celebration.


You may as well add a $50 million level now… something to aim for! Brand new car of your choice up to $100K could work. Or a lifetime supply of Jaffa Cakes and Lilt.


Congratulations @ThemeFusion :slight_smile:

Congratulations!!! @ThemeFusion

Heartiest Congratulations!!! @ThemeFusion :tada: :firecracker: :fireworks:

Don’t get me wrong, but i still don’t understand why this theme is so popular. Congrats though! :slight_smile:


Please, provide us the pictures and videos of the care packages. And congrates @ThemeFusion

A big congrats to all the folks at @ThemeFusion You are the first to achieve what all of us wanted.

So, can you share some of your secrets? or share about what you are choosing for your care packages? A Space Flight, 7 days for two at Burj Al Arab or an adventure?


Congratulations @ThemeFusion

Well deserved @ThemeFusion

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A Big Congrats to @ThemeFusion

Congratulations @ThemeFusion

Congratulations! Such an inspiration :slight_smile:

Congrats @ThemeFusion!!

I am pretty sure everyone is like, how did that theme sell so much?

Great achievement, congratulations @ThemeFusion! KEEP IT UP :rocket: :rocket::rocket:

Nice! Congrats ThemeFusion & Happy Birthday Avada!

Hey everyone!

Sitting down at the desk to write a reply here wasn’t quite that easy for us. It took some hot coffee and some cold beer. All of us at ThemeFusion are just humbled, speechless and very thankful!

We could never have achieved this without the blood sweat and tears of our entire team, and without the thousands of hours that were put into making Avada what it is today. At the same time, we owe it all to the loyalty of our amazing customer base of almost 445,000 passionate Avada users! Our customers, both new and old, are one of a kind and make all our efforts well worthwhile and we salute each and every one of you.

A sincere thank you also goes out to Envato for creating the elite family and their efforts to grow the marketplace, a marketplace we are very proud to be a part of! Thanks to Collis and everyone on their team for giving us the platform to make dreams come true!

We’d also like to thank all our fellow authors here, for congratulating and celebrating this milestone with us, as well as everyone on the WordPress community who shares the passion to make being a web resident even more fun. You guys rock!

Let’s all contribute to Envato adding some new milestones :slight_smile:

Thank you
The ThemeFusion Family


Wow! Just incredible. Huge congrats for this amazing achievement :slight_smile:

Great achievement :slight_smile: Congratzz