Themefusion becomes the first author to hit $10 million dollars

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Congratulations @ThemeFusion on the $10M milestone, that’s an amazing mind-blowing achievement! :tada:

Huge congratulations to ThemeFusion! That’s certainly an achievement and a half. Keep up the great work, guys! :tada:

Congrats to the team Themefusion, You guys have made exceptional achievements

Congrats @ThemeFusion i doubt that anyone will reach the same result with a single item. Enjoy in your rewards :wink:

Congratulations! ThemeFusion… Amazing Achievement guys!

Congratulations! :+1:



I just spat coffee all over my computer :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :+1:

Congrats theme fusion :coffee:

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Wow congrats!


Congrats! Amazing achievement :smile:

Congratulations @ThemeFusion! That’s a hella lot of money! :raised_hands:

Amazing @ThemeFusion!! Keep up your incredible work!! :smiley:

Congrats!!! : -)))

Congrats :wink: Its amazing to reach such a big milestone.

You’d better go to Space when you get to $25m! I’ll give you a camera to take with you while you’re up there, so you can get me some stock footage. Cheers!


This blows my mind, man this is ridiculous. Congrats Haris and team.