themeforest wordpress frameworks


I want to try the marketplace and finally submit my theme :slight_smile: But before I do, I’m doing research… for now I’ve only done 1 off custom wp projects for my clients, so framework choice wasn’t that important (licensing etc).

But releasing something for the masses is a whole different ball game.

I’m wondering what is the popular:

  1. Framework - I have used TitanFramework, Unyson, and serveral settings frameworks. Titan has very few features, and I love Unyson but the way it integrates (client would have to download the plugin) seems like will discourage people on theme forest? Isn’t it better for end client to have a bundle that he installs and that’s it?
  2. What if I want to include extra functionality? say appointments system, would I bundle that as a plugin? or part of theme? From devpov it should be a plugin, cause separate functionality from visualisation… but that would mean I’ve to publish said plugin to

Personally, I do not use framework (except for Redux Framework which is just for Theme Options), so I can’t really answer you on that, but I can answer your question about plugins. As you’ve said, functionality like appointment system should be put into plugin, but you definitely don’t have to publish that plugin on, just bundle it with your theme via TGM Plugin Activation. All themes here released in last two years are using this method, some are packing everything into one big plugin, some are creating several plugins. The point is that buyers are already used to install bunch of plugins when they installing a theme, so you don’t have to worry about that.

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