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My license is current with VamTam Health Center via maybe ThemeForest, I checked it at Envato downloads and my support is current. I double-checked it at my WP VamTam admin panel yet the author refuses support saying my license is expired - attached is my proof which I sent the author but he still refuses - can someone tell me what to do?

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Thanks for sharing your info.
I have see your posted photo you support isn’t expired.

Open a Envato Help Ticket

They would like to assist you. Hope your issue will solved no worry about it.
Envato is secured & safe place for a Purchaser.


Have done that just now…thanks. I am never sure how to navigate this maze of ownership and I am not sure why the author cannot determine this on his own.

No worry Envato Customer Success Will Verifying You Information With That Author Giving You The Best Solution.
Author are responsible to providing customer support.
But Author are not responsible to installation or customization.

I understand but what else is a customer supposed to do? I buy the license. I bought support. I validated the purchase key. I feel like I have to spend my entire morning contacting Envato and VamTam and Envato says one thing and VamTam says another and all I do is have a miserable morning. VamTam is saying there is no Envato support and Envato says there is - what else can I do? Pay more money? Get both companies on a conference call to sort this out? Buy another license of the same product?

Do not need to spending money anymore i thought.
You have few month of support remaining. So no worry, Envato help you to getting support from vamtam

At this point, the bridges are burned - VamTam has treated me poorly for long enough - I have requested a refund for my last support purchase - I will keep the theme but need the money back on my recent support extension. It is just not fair to make me coordinate for VamTam and Envato that I have a valid support license EVERY TIME I ask for support.

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Envato customer success With take care about that.
Everything you will share with envato customer success member about vamatam behavior.
If they reject your valid support Envato team will not tolerate this kind of behavior.
Keep patience & wait for Envato Customer Success Reply.

Best Regards.

Not trying to justify the author and I am sure that as @unlockdesign said envato will help, but out of interest what were you asking for help with?


I just asked VamTam if it was possible to have my post image sizes adjusted so they could be bigger. VamTam’s response was ‘that will require code and your license is not valid’ - I have dealt with them long enough to suspect they simply did not want to do the work and tried to brush me off with false claims regarding my license.

As a proof that you still have valid support, you can send the author a message via their contact form on the TF profile page so they can check easily if you have the valid support or you can post the issue on the item discussion page ( you will get the badge for supported )

There may be an API issue to confirm your support is still valid

Thank you. This author (VamTam) does not act that way - I asked him many, many times why my code is not valid and he refuses to respond and now has informed me the extended support I paid for is not refundable. I checked the ‘Validate Purchase Information’ in VamTam settings in the WP panel and it said it was valid. I sent him both the pdf of the purchase code and the screenshot of my VamTam settings above and he basically refuses to answer why my code is not valid.

VamTam has indicated they do not give refunds for extended support purchases.

This is Envato Customer Refund Policy.

No matter who vamtam or not refund depended on this policy/rules.

Well, the author refuses to acknowledge that my purchase code is valid so I would consider having this author as part of my business.

Here is my personal opinion wait for Envato Customer Success Reply they will take care about your issue.

Customization is not a valid support request.

Envato clearly tells you what’s included in support on the item page, alongside the pricing details on every item:

Item support includes:

  • Availability of the author to answer questions
  • Get assistance with reported bugs and issues
  • Help with included 3rd party assets

Item support does not include:

  • Customizations and installations

You missed the point - this has nothing to do with coding - please read my recent response to VamTam…

Just drop it, I am tired of dealing with it as I am sure you are - it was not about what you offer for support, I can live with that, it was the fact you could not validate my purchase code nor answer the question of if, maybe the problem was the purchase code changed when I paid for extended support (5th time I have brought this up)…it does not seem right to me to have a customer put in the middle and spend, now two days, going back and forth between Envato and the author - we know I bought the theme because you have given me support recently and because I showed you via screenshot - nobody has taken the time to tell me why, all of a sudden, my code does not work.

I feel fairly certain, someone with the knowledge possessed by you and Envato could have looked at my screenshots, looked at my WP Vantam panel and solved it in 5 minutes, and I do not know why nobody did.

It would be like you paying me for soccer lessons, showing up for those lessons after receiving confirmation of payment, and then me telling you, sorry, no lessons today because I no longer have your payment confirmation, call Paypal and sort it out.

But, like I said, just drop it, I have a client who likes the theme and I will honor that obligation to my client.