ThemeForest TwoFold - Home Page Ken Burns Slider Broken - Where's support?

TwoFold’s Ken Burns effect slider on our home page continues to break EVERY time there is a WordPress auto-update. We’ve paid the extra cost to Envato for an author’s technical support to have the web scripts fixed (our web host has advised that’s the problem, as has your Fuelthemes ‘forum advisor’ who goes by the name of ‘Influx’ (see public ticket). We cannot find any links anywhere to access the extra support we have paid for to have this resolved. We’ve had this theme running on our site for three years and until now with no issue. Where are you guys when we need you most???!!! Our site home page is screwed because of your bug.

Not exactly a solution but don’t get the WordPress updates before the theme update. That could help you.
About the support you have paid, assuming you have purchased extended support at ThemeForest, it doesn’t include website related issues but it sounds like it’s a CSS issue instead of something serious

In any case, you need to contact the theme author to get the support. Forum is for general purposes but not for the item support

3 days later and he told us to “Use .swiper-container { height: 100vh !important; }” Literally just that. We have no idea what he means. We aren’t web developers. We are beyond annoyed and our home page is still broken. We did pay for the extended support but feel ripped off by Envato that we are not actually getting the right kind of support that we need. Envato, please help! We bought this theme off you in good faith.

Does anyone know what he means by that and what we’re even meant to do with it? We need step by step instructions or someone to do it for us, ideally him. We haven’t got a clue and just want our home page fixed.