Themeforest theme check plugin

Please, anyone can tell me where I can download the TF theme check plugin (the new version)

thanks in advance

Last time I heard from a reviewer they said they just used this one:

The themeforest-check plugin is rather old and I believe they’ve integrated some of the themeforest-check features into the core theme-check plugin.

Thank you @dtbaker, I will try it.


I just checked this with latest version of themecheck and found that it doesn’t allow to include zip files in the zipped theme (which are embedded plugins (self developed or 3rd party)). This is allowed in TF or not?! I think requirement from and is different on this case, right? is theme only (you can install 3rd party plugins later); meanwhile is absolutely different, where the theme can be considered as a paid solution with all required and functional extensions.
Please correct me if I am wrong, we are developing such many themes in the mean time and would like to hear some official announcement.

Yes, you can include zip in the themes on

Could you happen to have another themecheck from Themeforest Reviewer, the version they’re using to check the submissions?.
We cannot find any warning with latest themecheck (latest updated 12months ago) but the reviewer keeps rejecting us because of the warning from themecheck.
It really wastes our time.

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Same problem here. Reviewers are only checking the results of Theme Check(I pretty sure they don’t use an updated/modified version of this plugin) so they refuse to understand that some INFOS from that plugin are nonsenses which is really fruatrating. :expressionless:


@fennecthemes @dtbaker

Now they are using this custom version of theme check




This may be a silly question. However, I cannot find a way to install and use Envato Theme Check.

I searched for Envato theme check in the WordPress plugin directory. Could not find an entry for it.

The readme section in the GitHub repo did not contain any details either.

How do I do this? I only have the default “Theme Check” from WordPress installed at the moment. I am not sure what else to do? Please help.

Have you tried to download from here - (there is a button “Clone or download” - Download Zip) and just install that plugin (manually upload)?

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As it is only available on Github, you must download it from and upload it manually on WordPress dashboard


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That worked. Thank you so much! :slight_smile: