Themeforest T-shirts

I’ve seen that TF announcement in regards to giving away TF t-shirts…
Is there any other way to get/buy Themeforest T-shirt? I got one (Envato) many years ago (+ some goodies) when I became elite author. Somehow I think that giving away one t-shirt to each Envato elite author per year is ridiculously small cost for Envato company in comparison to the money authors make for it. It sounds like buying 3-5 coffees per year for each employee and I bet many of us would be proud to wear that t-shirt, especially if given away as a gesture of kindness.
It’s just a thought, I didn’t mean to beg for a free t-shirt…


I believe those authors who are not Elite also deserve to get a t-shirt as being a part of themeforst. We are Elite btw.

As far as I’m concerned - yes. The point is that is feels good when you get something from your employer (even though Envato is not our direct employer). It feels like a tiny, little bit of grace.